Dwelling Fire Insurance

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Dwelling fire insurance is an option for homeowners or for those who rent their house to others; protecting their investment and source of income. If a loss occurs for a landlord and their tenants have to move out, they could be faced with weeks or months of lost income – in addition to the cost of rebuilding, replacing or repairing the property. Whether an owner or a landlord, keep your property, assets and your wallet financially sound by purchasing a dwelling fire policy.

A dwelling fire insurance policy can provide coverage for:


Keep your property protected from disasters, theft or vandalism.


Appliances and even tools you keep on site may be covered.


Protect yourself from liability claims as a result of injury or damage on your premises when you add liability to your policy.


If your property is unfit for use due to a covered loss, your policy may reimburse the rent while your property is being repaired.